Sell to De Bruns Antiques and Jewellery

Sell to De Bruns Antiques

If there are heirlooms that you no longer love but know they are valuable selling them might be a great idea.

We buy all sorts of antique fine jewellery, damaged or not. The condition will obviously impact the price but the materials like have residual value.

Our process is simple - send us an email to with some photos, a description and any accompanying information such as valuation report or original receipts.

We suggested that you ensure photographs are well-lit, with natural lighting if possible. Taking numerous detailed shots of your antiques from a variety of angles will help us get a feel for the piece.

If your item boasts unique details or maker’s marks, you’ll definitely want to capture these, as they can instantly inflate the value - so be sure to include them!

Once we receive your email we will review your item and contact you with an offer. Where we need to inspect your item we will arrange an appointment for this.

Office Address

Our offices are currently not open to the public but doesn't mean that we can't faciliate viewing appointments on request. So please, reach out to us today if you are interested in viewing one of our pieces.

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Sharna - 353 (0) 86 232 9019

Sinead - 353 (0) 85 758 1100

086 232 9019

353 (0)1 8038602

Malahide, Co. Dublin

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Monday - Friday 9.30 am to 5 pm

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